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A ground breaking ceremony was held June 25 at the Polk County Airport to mark the beginning of Construction on our runway extension project. Commissioner Jennifer Hulsey, State representative Trey Kelley, and Carol Comer, Director of Intermodal for the Georgia Dept of Transportation all spoke to the significant positive economic of impacts that the runway extension will provide to Polk County. The project will add 1000 ft to the overall length bringing it to a total length of 5006 ft and will take approximately a year and a half to complete.

Notice Board


    Your locally elected officials (mayors and county commissioners) of Northwest Georgia are required, by state law, to update and create a five-year plan for the region. The Northwest Georgia Regional Council, made up of the region's locally elected officials, is responsible forgathering feedback from the public in order to create a plan that addresses the region's top priorities. By taking this brief survey you can give your community's leaders the input they need to determine the region's needs and how to best address those needs.

    Please click this link to share your important feedback.  Take the Survey!

Employee of the Month

  • August 2019
    We are pleased to announce Ms. Allyn Arrington Polk County Employee of the Month for August 2019.

    Ms. Arrington started to work in Probate Court in February 2016 as a records clerk.  She is now Deputy Clerk and Deputy Registrar and handles herself in a professional manner.  She is always dependable, friendly and courteous to everyone. 

    Judge Linda Smith says "Allyn always has a positive approach to every situation and goes the extra mile to make sure the people of Polk County have a pleasant experience handling their everyday business in Probate Court."

    We are very proud to recognize Ms. Allyn Arrington Employee of the Month for August 2019!


  • Years of Service Recognition


    Left to Right:  Kattie Trammell, 10 Years Of Service; Timmy Gentry, 5 Years of Service; Jerry Dunn,  20 Years of Service



  • Congratulations to Debra Ann Farmer
    Debra Ann farmer came to work for The Polk County Tax Assessors Office on May 12,1986 as a Clerk and after several years she moved to the position of Digest Data Entry. Several more years passed, and she had the opportunity to become a Field Appraiser; after a short period of time she was offered and accepted the position of Office Manager in 1998 where she remained until her retirement on August 2, 2019.

    Debra was taught by her parents to work hard and do the best job possible. She has been a great asset to The Tax Assessors Office and a dedicated employee to Polk County for 33 years.
    We wish you God’s speed in your new journey Debra!

    Thank You for 33 years, 2 months & 2 days of dedicated service to Polk County!

Splost Projects: Past and Future

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Polk Splost

Polk County Residents can be notified within minutes of a National Weather Service warning, issued for the following local weather events: 

  • Severe thunderstorms
  • Flash floods
  • Tornados

To receive these notifications, however, you must take a few moments to register an account on the Code Red website (clicking on the link or the Weather Warning icon will open up a new web browser window).

You may also download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app by clicking on the image below:

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