Jack Browning, District Attorney

Jack Browning
The District Attorney is an elected official and the Chief Prosecution Officer of the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit, comprised of Polk and Haralson Counties. Under the Constitution and the laws of the State of Georgia, the District Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of criminal offenses, felonies and misdemeanors, committed in Polk and Haralson Counties.

It is the responsibility of the District Attorney's Office is to ensure and provide for the fair, effective, and expeditious prosecution of crimes in Polk and Haralson Counties.


The mission of the District Attorney's Office is to:

*** Efficiently handle all felony and a variety of misdemeanor cases to ensure that swift, sure justice is handed out to those who present a threat to public safety.

*** Demonstrate a compassionate awareness of the needs of citizens who have become the victims of crime.

*** Be responsible and transparent stewards of public funds by managing effectively and making the most use of public resources.

*** Develop the capacity to anticipate and effectively deal with new threats to the safety and economic well-being of our community.

*** Be ever mindful that the people of Polk County have the right to honest, effective prosecution in all cases where there is sufficient evidence.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to visit the Polk County website to learn more about your District Attorney's Office.  It is an honor to serve as YOUR District Attorney.

While I believe the primary responsibility of our office is to work with law enforcement and crime victims in the prosecution of those who pose a threat to public safety, and to compassionately assist those who have been victims of crime, we cannot do so effectively without your help.

I encourage you to visit and "Like" the official Facebook page of your District Attorney's Office, at www.facebook.com/Haralson.Polk.DA.Office.  There, you will find and receive the latest news concerning the work the office is doing to make your communities and neighborhoods a safer place to live, work, and raise your family.

Jack Browning

District Attorney