Emergency Management

Emergency Management Agency
55 Cline Ingram Jackson Road
Cedartown, GA 30125

Emergency Management Director: Randy M Lacey

Administrative Assistant: Kattie Trammell

Phone: (770)-748-3439
Fax: (770)-748-7288

The Polk County Emergency Management Agency (Civil Defense) was organized in the 1950's with Mr. James Carter as director. In 1962, Roy E. Anderson was made the county civil defense director for all of Polk County, serving in this position until 1992. At this point, due to training requirements by the state and federal government, Mr. Anderson assumed the position of Deputy Director and Elaine Anderson was appointed Director of the Polk County Emergency Management Agency by the Governor of the State of Georgia. Mrs. Anderson held the director's job as a part-time Director of Polk County until August 1st, 2011. Randy M Lacey was appointed as a full-time director in August 2011.

The Polk County EMA is an organization that responds to any type disaster, natural or man-made, within Polk County and through written mutual aid agreements, as support agencies, to other surrounding counties when required. The Polk County EMA is a department which operated under the direction and control of the Polk County Board of Commissioners as well as the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), Atlanta, Georgia. EMA operates under both State of Georgia and Federal Guidelines and Regulations.

This agency is responsible for maintaining written emergency operations plans, updated rosters of volunteers, county and city officials, and resource materials. All personnel are trained in first aid, CPR, rescue, map reading, weather spotter, hazardous materials and firefighting. Polk County Emergency Management, Polk County Volunteer Fire Department, as well as other agencies work together as a team to maintain a safe community that the citizens of Polk County can be proud of.

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